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Generally our terms of delieveries are es works, EXW Warstein, acc. Incoterms. Other terms of deliveries are subject to previous agreement only. We are able to organise the shipment to customers requirements. Please tell us in this case all necessary information.
Shipment & Deliveries
Delivery times
Deadline pressure? Pipe burst? Pipe-line blocked? Total breakdown of the pipe-line on site? Call us! We are able to produce fitting tubes for the boom or the deck in very short time.  We check if elbows, reducers or special parts you need, are available in our stock. We prepare as soon as possible all parts for pick-up. Overview of delivery service "emergency": - Exact description of the parts which you need or the material number of the pump manufacturer - Finish primed grey - Self-collection by yourself or shipment by Express Service or our forwarder - Delivery conditions: EXW acc. Incoterms
Immediately  -  Emergency case with concrete pumps
We produce and dispatch your fitting tube (finish: primed grey) on the same day, when the purchase order is  done until 9.00 o'clock latest. This service is available from Monday to Thursday. For a smooth process we need the following data: Length of pipe, nominal diameter, wall thickness, quality. We dispatch fitting tubes with a length of max. 3200 mm and a weight of max. 100 kg by EXPRESS SERVICE, national and in 26 European states. The shipment normally takes place over night. Please make sure, that the courier has free admission to an adequate place of unloading. Further information to the dispatch conditions you will find here: Fitting tubes larger as 3200 mm or heavier than 100 kg cannot be forwarded by TNT. In this case we will dispatch the goods with a another forwarder. Overview of delivery service "compensation pipe": - Order until 9.00 a.m., Monday to Thursday - Specify Length, Nominal Diameter, Wall Thickness, Quality - Production of fitting tube, finish primer grey - Shipping on the same day between 15.00 and 16.00 p.m. - Delivery condition: EXW acc. Incoterms
7 hours  -  Fitting tubes for concrete pumps
The production of a complete delivery line for common concrete pumps takes approximately 14 days including painting in accord to RAL. Please provide all needful information (e.g. pipe-line plan, spare part list) when ordering to enable a smooth process. You will find that information in the manual of your machine. So, a quick and clear identification of all parts will be possible. You can choose your required paint colour out of our color list. Special colours by request only. The hardening time of paint takes approximately 2 days. Overview of delivery service "Pipe-line concrete pump": - Receipt of purchase order with pipe-line plan and part list - Finish of pipe-line in  "primer grey" or "painting acc. to RAL" - Loading approx. 14 days after start of order - Delivery condition: EXW, n. Incoterms 2010
14 days  -  Complete delivery line for concrete pumps
Standard purchase orders for delivery lines and single components for projects in concrete, mining, industry or plant construction have to pass through the planning process of our production department. Overview delivery service "standard": - Receipt of purchase order in written form - Check of order and dating by production department - Start of production after receipt of our order confirmation - Loading according to dated time - Delivery condition: EXW, acc. Incoterms 2010
Timing of orders  -  Standard purchase orders for concrete pumping, mining, industry and plant construction
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